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Where we started

In December 2015 Nde Forcob was officially registered within the National Order of Cameroonian Architects' Board (NOCA), and 6 months later set up the office and was operating as a sole practitioner based in Melen, Yaounde. By January 2018 the office was registered as a limited company and subsequently moved to its current premises found at Montee-Anne Rouge, Central Town. Following a steady increase in workload from new & return clients, the office has grown to 5 full-time staff. 

What motivates us

Nde Forcob created the company to address the following 5 primary issues locally:

  • Provide quality architectural services within the built environment
  • Integrate innovative environmental strategies to create sustainable architecture
  • Facilitate the pathway of investors willing to venture into the Cameroonian Economy
  • Strengthen and safeguard professional standards
  • Provide training opportunities for architectural graduates & young professionals.

What we do best
  • We listen
  • We brainstorm
  • We collaborate
  • We propose solutions and alternatives
  • We guide our clients through the design and build process.