We offer a range of services to our clients, see above for details.

How we work

At Nde Forcob Architects we offer a range of solutions to enable you solve problems related to your project and at the same time get the best value for money with a beautifully crafted design. We will enable you understand construction cost, building permit implications of the project you envision and encourage your contribution during the design process.

Below are the services we provide, whilst this list is not exhaustive, they can be adjusted as per project to meet your requirements:

  • Project Management
  • New Designs
  • Alterations (Refurbishments) and Extensions
  • Building Permit Application
  • Advice on development and investment

We use 3D modeling, drawings, specifications and spread sheets to capture our ideas for the project for all involved parties. Therefore once conceived and prior to construction, you will have a good overview of cost implications and this can facilitate budget control as well as decision making.

Service and Fees

Our fee structure is very flexible to suit your project,  we generally work within the NOCA (National Order of Cameroonian Architects) recommended service structure. That said we are fully aware that every project has its own timescale, budget and owner's personal circumstances throughout the conception process. For this reason we offer clients flexibility in services offered.

The NOCA service structure outlines the architects role within the following stages:

0.    Strategic brief
1.    Preliminary Studies
2.    Concept Design
3.    Developed Design
4.    Detailed Studies
5.    Site Inspection
6.    Handover and Closeout

For every agreed stage we charge a fee depending on the level of complexity of the your project.

Some projects may not require our input at every stage, so we at Nde Forcob Architects offer a service and fee structure to suit your project needs at the very start, to avoid any unforeseen costs.

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