Depending on the size and complexity of your project, nfa is able to provide a range of services to meet your budget, programme constraints and time scales. These services are charged on a percentage fee or a lump sum which is paid at each stage.

Design Phase

We offer architectural consultancy be it for new builds or alterations of existing buildings, our aim is to provide innovative but responsive ideas to suit your needs. We have experience within housing, schools, hospitals and offices. Our architectural services are divided into the following phases of work:

  • Stage 1: Preliminary Studies
  • Stage 2: Concept Design
  • Stage 3: Scheme Design
  • Stage 4: Technical Design
Stage 1: Preliminary Studies


During this phase we perform an initial consultation followed by a site visit. Our first meeting would be to analyse the various needs of the project, discuss its priorities and aspirations with you. We provide advice on any approval requirements and legislation relating to the scope and size of the project. At the end of this stage we would produce a detailed project brief which reflects the project's quality, budget and outcome objectives.



 Site Visit

Topographical Studies (if required)

 Preliminary Programme

Stage 2: Concept Design
Stage 3: Scheme Design
Stage 4: Technical Design

Construction Phase

Due to the need for your project to be completed on time and within budget, nfa is able to provide Contract Administration and Site Supervision to ensure that the project team is doing their job properly. We can perform periodic site visits, use IT systems to keep track of people and progress and make sure that what’s been specified gets built within norms.

  • Stage 5: Construction
  • Stage 6: Handover and Close Out
Stage 5: Construction


nfa can assist you in negotiating the building contract for the right price. For this we would provide detailed tender documents which would permit one or more prospective contractors to bid for job. The most suitable bids can be analysed and the right builder offered the contract to begin works. nfa can also draft the owner- contractor contract agreement which typically spells out all the work to be done, project scope, programme and budget.

During the course of the building contract we set goals as well as 'micro-goals' for different phases of construction. We are able to perform periodic site visits to ensure that the contractor respects these engagements.



• Review Tender Bids

• Help negotiate contract

• Draft building contract agreement

 Ensure quality standards of the project are met

 Oversee payment of contractor and billing

 Issue weekly reports on progress

Stage 6: Handover and Close Out